About hacking Wi Fi passwords and networks

Hacking wi fi password

hack wi fi Would you like to get access to the Internet using a wireless network, but they are password protected? Do not rush to get upset, because in this article you will learn the methods of wi-fi networks crack.

At first we need to investigate the mechanism of wi-fi networks, that is clear how do methods oa hacking wi-fi passwords work. So, as we all know, the wireless Internet router is heard. If you want to connect to the wireless network, the request permission comes to the router, it checks the password, and then connects you with the result or not. After the user is connected to the network, the router still continues to share information, they also called data packets. These packages contain our password from the wi-fi network , as well as information about the user's actions in the network. One of the ways of hacking wi-fi is the interception and decryption of data packets (sniffing), and then - further extraction of this cracked wi-fi password. This method is very effective, but you need the programmer-hacker skills or you should download a program for hacking wi-fi password, which uses the method of packet sniffing. Along with the first method of cracking wi-fi password there is another, more simple. This is the usual method of brute force. How does it work? You run wi-fi password cracking program by brute force, enter the desired network and wait. Program for hacking wi fi will start trying all possible combinations of passwords, numbers, letters, punctuation, etc. Disadvantage of this method of cracking wi-fi passwords is the fact that sometimes the it is fast, and at other times selection will require much more time. Maybe 15 minutes, maybe half an hour or more. This is the simpliest, monotone, boring method of cracking wi-fi passwords. After all, you still want to use the free wireless internet, and this is needed to crack a wi-fi password.

Wi fi networks hack

wi fi networks crackWireless module of your notebook detects many wi-fi networks, but they are usually password protected. Your Internet has expired, you're too lazy to go outside to replenish it or you just haven't money, so you need to crack wi-fi network of your neighbors. No problem, if you know methods of cracking wi-fi networks.

At the very beginning, you can peform the easiest operations, but even these methods can help to crack wi-fi network. Try a combination of standard passwords like "12345678", "01234567", "87654321", etc. If you are lucky to hack wi-fi network , then you have very stupid neighbors, if not, continue hacking. Download a brute force wi-fi password cracking programs . These programs will do all the same stuff for you but automatically, and you will be safely drink coffee, waiting for the result of wi-fi network hacking . Disadvantage of this method is that sometimes you have to wait a long time, so usually the time depends on the stupidity of your neighbors. If you are tired of waiting, or as a result of wi-fi network was not reached, there is one proven wi-fi networks hack. This is wi-fi networks hack with packet sniffing, using data packets that are transferred between your computer and your neighbor's router. These packages contain information on all actions of your neighbors in the internet, including password from wi-fi network. How is it possible to intercept these packages? You must download the wi-fi network hacking program, for example WiHack. This wi-fi networks hacking program is connected to the channel between the neighbor's router and your computer and intercepts the data packets, and then makes their decodong. The cracked password from the wi-fi network is sent to you by email or if you prefer, on a ftp server. Even if this method does not get any results, then you did something wrong, because packet capture method for hacking wi-fi networks is the most effective nowadays. Neighbor's is hacked, you have his wi-fi network password, so enjoy free access to the Internet.