WiHack Premium 2.4.6 beta

WiHack Premium

Turn on your mobile device in searching wireless networks mode, you will find not one, not two wi-fi networks but much more. And we bet that most of them will be protected by passwords.

There are three of the most popular protocol for encrypted wi-fi passwords, – WPA, WPA2, WEP. All would be very sad if we have not learned to crack Wi-Fi passwords. We use WiHack Premium as a best program for hacking. As you can see from the name,WiHack Premium is a new version of the program for hacking wi-fi - Wihack.

The main difference of hack program WiHack Premium from the previous version is that WiHack Premium can crack WPA2 keys. Also WiHack Premium got a new design, introducing the concept of usability and ergonomics to a new level. Now it has become much easier and more enjoyable to use hack program Wi-Fi WiHack Premium because colors are pleased to the eye, comfortable and well-designed interface will not cause you questions about how to use WiHack Premium. What else can I say about this cool new program for hacking Wi-Fi? We should say that after downloading WiHack Premium, you'll get all the same set of funtions, which was available in the old version, called Wihack, nothing was cut but added.

Now let's find out what features have been added to this new program for hacking Wi-Fi. In the old version, called Wihack, at the end of cracking process the key was sent in encrypted form in the archieve, so this was kind of incomplete or Beta-version of program for hacking Wi-Fi WiHack Premium. WiHack Premium will allow you to decrypt the passwords and using the received password to hack Wi-Fi networks. WiHack Premium is fast, so it will be only a couple of minutes from the time of decoding up to when you will be shown your password. The collection of all these functions are combined in order of that WiHack Premium is available to download for free from our site without regustration, arvertisement and other useless stuff. Just pure working soft for hacking Wi-Fi that is the real name of WiHack Premium.