WiHack - program for hacking wi fi, crack wi fi password, wi fi networks hack, wi fi key crack

WiHack – is the first working program for hacking Wi-Fi. This project was developed as a special software to work with protected wireless networks. WiHack is an improved version of Wi-FI Pirate 3 which we have previously tried to crack.

The program is able to analyze wireless Wi Fi for the presence of insecurity, then it becomes possible to perform the main hacking features such as:
1)Get the Users List
2)Guess the network password (crack Wifi password)
3)Sniffing Users Mode (you are able to see every User's movement)
4)Block the User (program will disconnect user from the network, it's useful when somebody is donwloading something and because of that your internet start lagging)

  • Wihack english version
  • Wihack english version

Mobile Version

Mobile version will help you hack Wi-Fi networks right from your cell phone.

Amazing Speed

Using Wihack the crack process lasts couple minutes.

100% result

Wihack cracks Wi-Fi with 100% result

Program for hacking Wi FI (Wihack)

We always want to be connected to the world wide web. Internet is at work, he is at home, he is in the cafes and restaurants in the form of Wi-Fi, but, usually we need to enter the key to connect to it from the street. Very often in the network options is written "private Wi-Fi network", that is password protected, but now wi fi password crack became simple and easy-solved problem. Now all of are able to avoid this fact by using a new program for hacking Wi-Fi, called WiHack.

It is a creation of our native developers intended to bring mobile Wi-Fi inernet into every device by cracking Wi-Fi passwords.

Program for cracking Wi-Fi Wihack has a lot of useful functions. For example, this program for hacking can boast that it can hack all existing protocols of encrypt wi-fi passwords such as: WPA, WPA2 and WEP.

Previous product of this company has been Wi-Fi Pirate 3 - a sensational in the networks program for hacking Wi-Fi. Compared with the previous version, Wihack got some extra functions. We should start from the fact, that when Wihack connects to a Wi-Fi network, this program for hacking collects a lot of useful information such as: gets the Users list; is able to sniff, so you can scan all the user's activity in the internet; and of course Wihack can crack Wi-Fi password. Usually existing ones hack programs are paid product.

But our developers offer you to download Wihack for free. By the time Wihack finishes hack process, the programm will send you an email with archieve, which contains cracked password. You need only to extract archieve and enjoy the wireless internet for free.

We should warn you that crack WPA2 keys so far is in developing progress and this option will be available in the new version of WiHack. But now download Wihack for free from our site and keep your money in the pocket. Enjoy!