WiHack instructions, how to use WiHack

Program for hacking WI FiAt first we should download program for hacking Wi Fi from the Download article of our site

Start program for hacking Wi fi , you should see the main window and on the right side WiHack shows you the list of found wireless networks.

Choose one of the available wireless networks (double click), after that program will show you the list of the available functions

1) Get the Users List
2) Analyse network on the vulnerability
3) Guess the network password
4) Sniffing Users
5) Block the User

Program for hacking WI FiChoose one of the available functions (program will start hacking password from the Wi Fi network if function is not available). Press Start button and wait till program will finish scanning packages. After that you will get the information window with the hacked password or the list of the available operations.

Cracking the wi fi password in closed networks became real nowadays, as we know encrypted wireless networks have low level ability to resist cracking. If you liked the description of the program you can download it right now by switching into a full version of this article. Good luck with hack!

Wi-Fi network is available almost everywhere. Invisible wireless chanells entangled cities and villages, homes and cottages, garages and offices. Despite the seeming security ("Wtf?! I had a password!") dark side of IT crew somehow bypass all your protection and get into your own private wireless, feeling there like home. For many ordinary users, this technology still remains a mystery, passed on from one hacker's generation to another. In the world wide web you can find dozens of articles and hundreds of fragmentary instructions on how to hack a wi-fi, users are invited to view manual video with brute "qwerty123", but the full manual on this topic I have not yet met. What I actually decided to fill.